Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Young People Honor our Pastor and First Lady

Last Monday night was a special night for our youth group…. The young people put their heads together and wanted to do something special for our Pastor and First Lady…..the way everything turned out was so touching…. We invited our Pastor and First Lady to our prayer meeting, but didn’t reveal what we had planned….. Prayer started at 7:00 as usual and there was an awesome spirit of prayer….. Our Youth leader got up and spoke to the youth and then explained to our Pastor and First Lady that we had set this night out to honor them for all they do….. One by one the young people came and expressed their love and appreciation to our Pastor and First Lady….. the testimonies were so beautiful and many tears were shed while young people poured their hearts out… Some of the testimonies just blew your mind…. You never know what is in a young persons heart until they start to express what God has been doing or has been dealing with them about. Several reminisced how our Pastor and his wife were there for them in their darkest days whether it be losing parents and loved ones or the day they found out their parents were divorcing…… everyone that spoke and what was said was such a blessing…..

We know that Pastor appreciation is in the month of October, but this is something our young people wanted to do and we don’t have to wait til October to honor the Man of God and his wife. After each young person spoke the youth department presented Bro. & Sis. Clark with a beautiful framed picture of them and Bro. Price. They also presented a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants….. then we all headed into the gym for refreshments. Thank you Sis. Robinson for making the delicious homemade banana pudding…. Wow……that was gone quick!