Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thank you Jesus for your protection over our youth of Ontario!!! Thank you for your blessings and anointing over our youth of Ontario....Thank you Lord for the outreach that you put in our hearts to go out and Preach and spread your word to those who need it! God has truly been calling our youth to a deeper walk with him and teaching our youth how to go and share this Gospel we have with others that deeply need it! We are standing on Gods promises!!! Putting him first in all that we do! We will go out and work for the Lord! Together we will stand as one and watch his promises unfold one by one.Thank you Jesus for Jeffrey and Kristy Rowell that through YOU lead us in the direction that is pleasing to you LORD...THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

When you put God first we get results that are AWESOME!

Where do we begin....God has been so good to us....Pastor is calling our church to a deeper level of prayer! We are seeing Gods power in every church service it is so awesome! In this day and hour we need God more then ever! When we come to church and give God all our praise no matter what the case it at home, work, school....Leave it at the door of Gods house and come in praising, worshiping God just because he is worthy! Why else do we come to church but to put Him first and give Him praise ohhhhhhh and the rewards we get when we put Him first!!!!! We get Peace that passes all understanding, Love that conquers all, Healing in our hearts, minds, & body!! Jesus pours out His blessings when our praises go up!! Its such a treat from Him His Joy His anointing His shakana glory that He gives while we worship......We can dance like David danced and praise and worship in one mind one accord! Yes, we at Calvary Apostolic Church know first hand.....Pastor has been so right on and listening to what God wants and below are just a few pictures of how God rewards a church that listens to what he wants!!! about 40 of us couldn't go home one night after service God was in the HOUSE! Those who stayed God had such a treat for was indescribable...walls were torn down, hearts were healed! Anyone that was in the church at this time was in the spirit of GOD....Kristy Rowell was on the keyboard and was so anointed, Michael was on the drums and played like never before....Jeffrey Rowell was singing in Spanish you can tell God was definitely in control...THANK YOU JESUS for YOUR ANOINTING AND BLESSINGS!!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

God is doing GREAT things!

We also want to say we’re so proud our two newest babies in the Lord….. Ariana and Linda…. These two young ladies are such a blessing to our Church and we know God is doing a mighty work in their lives….. Girls we just want you to know…. We’re so proud of you!!!! Let God complete the work he has started….
We love you guys!!!! It’s just the beginning…..

Young people we have to much to be thankful for….. let’s go for it!!!! God is pouring out his spirit in a mighty way and we don’t want to miss anything that God is doing! God has his hand upon our youth group and is calling us to a deeper walk with him….The excitement is in the air! Love you guys!!!!


God is so good!!!! Our Church is experiencing a “call to prayer” that is life changing…. Not only is God moving in a powerful way in our Church, but God is dealing with individuals in our Church and calling them to a deeper walk…. It’s so awesome and exciting!!!! This past Sunday were two unbelievable services….. God moved in our midst Sunday morning in the deepest way….. No one wanted to leave the presence of God…. People were slain in the alters until after 1:00 p.m. – the move of God was indescribable! As the words began to be sung…. “Touch me Lord, one more time with your spirit….. Touch me Lord one more time with your power…… you have touched me so many times before….. Lord, I’m asking you once more… reach down and touch me one more time….. The Holy Ghost settled into that sanctuary and it was as if God sat there in the midst of his people as the anointing flowed….. then it did stop there…. Sunday night was another power move of God…. We were so honored to have Bro. Mantooth in service with us….. Thank you Bro. Mantooth for being so sensitive and ministering to our Church…..….Sunday night was a carry over from what God had done in the A.M. service….. God’s presence filled our Church again in a very deep way….. Sunday morning and Sunday night were life changing services….Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the way God moved in both of these services…..Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Peak is almost here!

Since the Esther Drama – so much has happened it’s hard to know where to begin….. We are so excited to announce that the plane tickets for Peak 2009 have been purchased!!!!! When it came time to purchase the tickets we were able to reserve 25 tickets!!!!! We can’t wait to be a part of this exciting youth convention!!!! Our youth group is anticipating what God is going to do through these powerful services…..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Esther Drama was a hit and is back.....

We are looking forward to performing the Esther Drama again tomorrow night…..Everyone is welcome to come…. The cost is $10 and this includes dessert and coffee at intermission – the drama begins at 8 p.m………You won’t want to miss this exciting event! We have invited several Church’s in the area and are planning on a full house….. I’m sure we will perform the drama again so the Church’s that can’t make it this weekend will be able to see it….. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there! You will definitely be entertained J if you have any questions or are interested in attending please feel free to give our youth leader’s wife a call @ (951) 897-5961. Feel free to invite visitors…. We had many visitors when we performed Valentine’s weekend and they loved it!

The Young People Honor our Pastor and First Lady

Last Monday night was a special night for our youth group…. The young people put their heads together and wanted to do something special for our Pastor and First Lady…..the way everything turned out was so touching…. We invited our Pastor and First Lady to our prayer meeting, but didn’t reveal what we had planned….. Prayer started at 7:00 as usual and there was an awesome spirit of prayer….. Our Youth leader got up and spoke to the youth and then explained to our Pastor and First Lady that we had set this night out to honor them for all they do….. One by one the young people came and expressed their love and appreciation to our Pastor and First Lady….. the testimonies were so beautiful and many tears were shed while young people poured their hearts out… Some of the testimonies just blew your mind…. You never know what is in a young persons heart until they start to express what God has been doing or has been dealing with them about. Several reminisced how our Pastor and his wife were there for them in their darkest days whether it be losing parents and loved ones or the day they found out their parents were divorcing…… everyone that spoke and what was said was such a blessing…..

We know that Pastor appreciation is in the month of October, but this is something our young people wanted to do and we don’t have to wait til October to honor the Man of God and his wife. After each young person spoke the youth department presented Bro. & Sis. Clark with a beautiful framed picture of them and Bro. Price. They also presented a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants….. then we all headed into the gym for refreshments. Thank you Sis. Robinson for making the delicious homemade banana pudding…. Wow……that was gone quick!