Thursday, April 30, 2009


God is so good!!!! Our Church is experiencing a “call to prayer” that is life changing…. Not only is God moving in a powerful way in our Church, but God is dealing with individuals in our Church and calling them to a deeper walk…. It’s so awesome and exciting!!!! This past Sunday were two unbelievable services….. God moved in our midst Sunday morning in the deepest way….. No one wanted to leave the presence of God…. People were slain in the alters until after 1:00 p.m. – the move of God was indescribable! As the words began to be sung…. “Touch me Lord, one more time with your spirit….. Touch me Lord one more time with your power…… you have touched me so many times before….. Lord, I’m asking you once more… reach down and touch me one more time….. The Holy Ghost settled into that sanctuary and it was as if God sat there in the midst of his people as the anointing flowed….. then it did stop there…. Sunday night was another power move of God…. We were so honored to have Bro. Mantooth in service with us….. Thank you Bro. Mantooth for being so sensitive and ministering to our Church…..….Sunday night was a carry over from what God had done in the A.M. service….. God’s presence filled our Church again in a very deep way….. Sunday morning and Sunday night were life changing services….Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the way God moved in both of these services…..Thank you Jesus!!!!!