Thursday, April 30, 2009

God is doing GREAT things!

We also want to say we’re so proud our two newest babies in the Lord….. Ariana and Linda…. These two young ladies are such a blessing to our Church and we know God is doing a mighty work in their lives….. Girls we just want you to know…. We’re so proud of you!!!! Let God complete the work he has started….
We love you guys!!!! It’s just the beginning…..

Young people we have to much to be thankful for….. let’s go for it!!!! God is pouring out his spirit in a mighty way and we don’t want to miss anything that God is doing! God has his hand upon our youth group and is calling us to a deeper walk with him….The excitement is in the air! Love you guys!!!!


Ari said...

Yay!! U guys finally updated ur page! lol. Yes, Praise God for ALL that he's done for us and the church. We are so blessed. I am so greatful to have u guys as our Youth Pastor & first lady. I am feeling the joy & hunger for prayer & getting into His word. After Monday night's prayer, I felt like I just wanted MORE! Its a beautiful thing. Amen.