Thursday, May 28, 2009

When you put God first we get results that are AWESOME!

Where do we begin....God has been so good to us....Pastor is calling our church to a deeper level of prayer! We are seeing Gods power in every church service it is so awesome! In this day and hour we need God more then ever! When we come to church and give God all our praise no matter what the case it at home, work, school....Leave it at the door of Gods house and come in praising, worshiping God just because he is worthy! Why else do we come to church but to put Him first and give Him praise ohhhhhhh and the rewards we get when we put Him first!!!!! We get Peace that passes all understanding, Love that conquers all, Healing in our hearts, minds, & body!! Jesus pours out His blessings when our praises go up!! Its such a treat from Him His Joy His anointing His shakana glory that He gives while we worship......We can dance like David danced and praise and worship in one mind one accord! Yes, we at Calvary Apostolic Church know first hand.....Pastor has been so right on and listening to what God wants and below are just a few pictures of how God rewards a church that listens to what he wants!!! about 40 of us couldn't go home one night after service God was in the HOUSE! Those who stayed God had such a treat for was indescribable...walls were torn down, hearts were healed! Anyone that was in the church at this time was in the spirit of GOD....Kristy Rowell was on the keyboard and was so anointed, Michael was on the drums and played like never before....Jeffrey Rowell was singing in Spanish you can tell God was definitely in control...THANK YOU JESUS for YOUR ANOINTING AND BLESSINGS!!!!!!